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we’re Suki and Sarah, and we are the energy behind sew knit love.

we have a fierce passion for handmade and we want to light that fire in you!

hands up if…

You love the idea of making bits and pieces for yourself and those you love, but have no idea where to start.
Are concerned for your consumption habits and want to find a way to do green things in a fun way.
Spend hours poring over Pinterest and Instagram becoming inspired… then somewhat daunted.
Love quality textiles and want to use them in your life.
Are worried that you’ll start a project, get stuck, and have no ability to look for help.
Just love getting your craft on, whenever and however you can.


Then you are gonna just love us.

Because we keep it simple, sweetie.

So, how did we get here?

I’m sure you have that friend who…

You think always look stylish, and they think the same of you?

Who says when you’ve found something amazing, “yeah, I pinned that too!”

Can’t wait to celebrate their latest crafting triumph or commiserate a failure with you?

Always has coffee or wine when you need it?

Well, that’s us.

And then we became mothers within 10 weeks of each other. We shared our pregnancies and then with the birth of our daughters, Evie to Suki and Essie to Sarah, we began to craft wee things for wee people. We began to make for others who spied our creations, then enamoured customers at markets and on Etsy.

But we found simple designs lacking; none seemed to simply celebrate the amazing textiles from which they were to be created. Galvanised, we began designing our own PDF sewing patterns. We later found that there were many others like us who craved simplicity: simple design, beautiful textiles, and a classic aesthetic. Add in the wins of a simple supply chain and of having as little negative environmental impact as possible, and you have a wonderful experience for you and the Planet. It is our hope that this simplicity will empower other crafters, hopeful students or seasoned warriors, to create their own pieces and light the creative fires in their hearts. And then, pass that fire onto another!

We want you to dive into the world of handmade and unleash all the delicious feels that it has for you.

We find our inspiration in….

Our beautiful home

The Mountain at our back, the River stretching in front of us, surrounded by trees. We are so very lucky to live in Hobart.


Taking in the quiet.

Living slowly is important. Taking the time to take in the small things can spark so much love and creativity. And laughter!


Kids being kids.

Kids being  free to be children. To run, jump, play, explore and get dirty. To be free of the worries of adult life. To express themselves in the way they need to in order to grow.


Leopard print.

It. Goes. With. Everything.

Making a positive impact.

Our decisions can have an amazing positive impact on our world when we inform ourselves. We get to choose where our money goes, and which businesses receive our love and support. There are so many wonderful textile options out there if you but take the chance to look past the big box. Small businesses, large businesses, backyard producers, even you can make amazing things with tactile, earth and animal friendly materials. And even make some friends along the way. Who wouldn’t want to get to know these faces!

Getting our hands dirty.

Literally and figuratively! We know that making things with your hands is great for your heart and soul. We know that creating makes us happy, connects us with others and the Earth, and is a form of meditation. It helps us develop problem solving skills, and express our individuality.


Having a light footprint.

Beautiful things don’t have to cost the Earth. When we connect with the process of making the things in our lives, we naturally connect with those things on a deeper level and consume far less. It’s good for our wallets, for all of those trapped in the cycles of mega production, and fabulous for the Earth.

Having fun!!!

Life is short, but that doesn’t mean it has to be brutal. Slowing down, having fun, eating a bikkie, blowing bubbles, having a cuddle, and engaging with others AND yourself really is where life is at.




Designer, Dot Connector, Style Scout

I’m a mum to Evie and Arlo and furkid Gatsby, and partner to the lovely Stephen. I love to sew for my little people, my and close friends and family because of that warm cuddly feeling you get when someone you love falls in love with something you’ve made especially for them. Such a beautiful exchange! Doesn’t matter if it is as small as a brooch or small toy; that love is still the same.

I love the process of designing new patterns, this normally begins with a piece of fabric or skein of yarn which informs the pattern design. Simplicity and quality are integral to my design philosophy.

I am new to knitting but seem to have accumulated a very large yarn collection which continues to grow (shhhhh don’t tell my partner!). I seem to be able to collect yarn at a rate of knots greater then my ability to knit something!

Through knitting, I have uncovered a level of self determination which I never knew I had. In the very early stages of learning to knit I seemed to spend night after night casting on knitting a few lines and then unravelling. To the point that one night my partner said to me (as I was muttering away to myself ), “I thought knitting was meant to be relaxing!” I am yet to master that particular aspect of knitting but I find it very exciting as something just appears from a piece of string and two sticks!

My approach to design is simple. Cant find it? Make it! Don’t know how? Learn. I am lucky enough to have my best friend share this journey with me and hopefully you all enjoy the process!



Designer, Vector Wrangler, Web Mistress
I’m mum to Essie and Finley and furkid Radley, and married to the most beautiful Andy.

Handmade has been part of my life since day dot. My mother is an excellent knitter and sewer, dad is handy with just about everything, my grandmother made the most exquisite cakes, pop was a boilermaker (and so remade everything!), all of us garden with great success (except for me right now!) and love to cook.  With all of these people in my life, I’ve always been encouraged by word or deed to just get in there and give it a go.

Which I have. I love photography, graphic design, tattooing, art of all kinds. And I love squooshing wool and fabrics. I like to let them tell me what they want to be, and enjoy watch that unfurl.

Handmaking has so much potential to make us happy. The sheer love and gratitude I’ve had from recipients of all ages makes my heart swell. That Essie will go to daycare and proudly tell her mates, “my mummy make this for me!” brings tears of joy! Yes, okay, I swear like a drunken sailor when I make a mistake but scientific studies prove that swearing is great pain relief.

I’m so blessed to be on the journey to bring this joy to others through Evie & Essie with my sister by another mister. I hope you get stuck in and learn how rewarding being crafty can be.

let’s stay friends!

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