I’m not sure about you, but we can hardly believe that its only 6 weeks till Christmas?!

The decorations have gone up in all the shops and our kids are starting to get excited. Since having kids the true magic of Christmas has happened in our house. I was talking with a friend about this last year and they commented on how we are pretty much solely responsible for creating of children’s Christmas memories. This made me take minute and think about all the beautiful memories my parents and grandparents had created for me as a child. And also made me realise that gosh my parents put in a lot of effort for us.

None of those memories were really about the gifts, but more the experiences. Listening to daggy Christmas carols, chopping down & decorating our Christmas tree & helping my mum bake Christmas goodies. And so now its my turn to create the magic for my littles.

Over the next couple of weeks we are planning a series of blog posts about the crafty fun we have in our homes which we would love to share with you!

First Chrissy Craft – The Advent/Countdown Calendar



Growing up we had one of those chocolate advent calendars that you opened a little door every day and you got a little chocolate surprise. It was such a treat to be allowed to eat chocolate before breakfast! Mum also had a handmade advent calendar for the 12 days before Christmas which set out festive activities to do.

Sarah and I have recreated this and whether you’re in it for the long haul (all 24 days) or just few days before Christmas this will suit you. Its something you can make with your little too!


What you will need:

  • as many little muslin cloth bags as you wish (24 for a traditional calendar, we used 10)
  • pegs (one for each bag)
  • wooden numbers (alternatively iron on numbers, paint, or fabric pen)
  • ribbon (3 meters does about 10 bags)
  • hot glue (sets fast for excited kiddies)
  • any embellishments you desire (optional)
  • presents and/or tags to write on for each bag


We chose to use 10 bags for our project because the anticipation of a two- and four-year-old can get so intense that 10 days of surprises seemed more than enough. We can add more as they get bigger.

Paint your numbers, glitter them up, make them pretty!

Lay out each bag and attach the wooden numbers to the bags with hot glue.

Lay out your ribbon (this is what you hang the bags from) and attach each bag using a peg. Easy peasy!

Advent Calendar Ideas

And now to the fun part, creating the contents – activity (A) or gift (G) – for each. If the idea is for an activity, write it on the tag then place in the bag.

Below is our top 10 ideas, but find more ideas in the printable instructions.

  1. Cut and decorate the Christmas tree (A plus G of a new decoration)
  2. Christmas Carols (A plus G of a candle)
  3. Write Santa a letter and post letter; special outing to Myer Santa Post Box (A)
  4. Christmas baking (A plus G of a new cutter)
  5. Watch a Christmas movie or read a Christmas book (A)
  6. Buy a present for the giving tree (A)
  7. Go for a drive to see the Christmas lights (A)
  8. Make Christmas decorations (A plus G of craft  supplies)
  9. Chocolate & Candy Canes for those days when getting creative is too much (G)
  10. Have a “snowy” bath or make it snow outside despite the heat with lots and lots bubbles. We love this one! (A, G of bubbles)

We hope you and your littles enjoy making your Christmas Advent Calendar and we’d love to see your finished result! make sure you tag us @sewknitlove so we don’t miss it.


Suki & Sarah xo




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