Our simple free Santa Sack pattern is a lovely idea for some Christmas sewing which not only reduces wrapping paper used and a huge amount of time on Christmas eve, but is also a present in itself. This gift sack will light up the face on any child (or adult!) and can be used year to year.


We have made ours in non Christmassy fabric so it can be used at any time of the year for that special occasion and adds that special something extra when giving a gift. Thrown in the corner of the kids room it makes for an great storage solutions and can be filled up with soft toys or dress ups. My kids even use it as a mini bean bag!!!

Choose any kind of woven fabric and you can make your bag any size you’d like. We used a cotton canvas for the outers andd calico for the lining.We wanted to use as much of one metre as we could, so made ours 55cm wide (fabric was 112cm wide) and finessed the balance of the measurements to fit inside 1 metre.The measurements we used in centimetres are:

  • A=53
  • B=17.5
  • C=54
  • D=0.5
  • E=1

Make sure your hole height is big enough to fit two widths of your chosen tie. We used T shirt yarn in our example. Other great materials for ties are ticking, cotton tape, and cord. We don’t recommend ribbons unless they are quite thick; they can get really stuck!


We also added pom poms and tassels to finish off the sack making it that extra bit special for our littles (well thats what we are saying but we all know that we LOVE pom poms)!! If your looking to perfect your pom pom making skills check out our site for some tips, trick and tools.


Download your project sheet, get sewing, and share the results on instagram using the hashtag #sklsantasack and your project will show up in the feed below.



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