Where did last year go? Where has this year gone already!!! New Year’s Eve has come and gone and only just now am I really settling into my challenge for the year: embracing imperfection.

Let me tell you why.

I just finished reading Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline.

Cline shows how consumers can break the buy-and-toss cycle by supporting innovative and stylish sustainable designers and retailers, returning to custom clothing, refashioning clothes throughout their lifetime, and mending and even making clothes themselves. Overdressed will inspire you to vote with your dollars and find a path back to being well dressed and feeling good about what you wear.

Over the past few years I have made a concerted effort to buy more ethically, create my own garments, and just to damn well buy less shit! And it’s been an interesting project. I don’t feel the full of the ‘fashions’ so much as I did, and I am creating more along the lines of what truly suits me. I could go on! Another post perhaps.

Overdressed has certainly hammered home to me why it is that I want to know the journey of what I consume, and the delight I have in making items from materials sourced from the shortest supply chain possible. I think that so many others feel this too, and that’s why we are seeing such a resurgence of crafting, so many wonderful indie wool dyers and producers, and organic fabric brands. #specklesaresohotrightnow!

But we all have those moments as a crafter. Those moments where your brow is caked in sweat, the cuppa is untouched, and multiple expletives leave your lips. WHY! HOW?? FAAAAAA….RR OUT!!!! Seam rippers, frogging, dark clouds above. It didn’t turn out. Perhaps it didn’t turn out at all, or maybe there is one little thing a wee bit wonky. But there is something which is not… perfect about it.

HOORAY! Why? Because you made it. And you are not a factory.

I am a perfectionist. I think the legal profession attracts such a kind – I don’t know another lawyer who is not a perfectionist. It is my blessing and my curse.


Life isn’t an exam. And crafting things for your loved ones is certainly not going to be subject to the scrutiny of the local magistrate!

And if you give up, you don’t have those wonderful moments of appreciation. Miss Essie moved me to tears just recently. She watched me knit a cardigan for her. Over the weeks I showed her the progress, let her feel the yarn, watch me make stitches, and see how the yarn gets all used up. She watched me sew on the buttons and was excited to try it on.

And then one day, a few weeks later, she turned to me and said, “Mum made this for me. Thank you Mum!” and gave me a biiiiig hug. In that moment, I felt like all the swearing and frustrations of learning to knit all that time ago was so worth it. I big load of love made all of that fade into insignificance.

All our imperfections are part of who we are and what we create in our lives. We are perfectly imperfect. I’m embracing all of that this year. Bring it on!

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