Foolproof beeswax wraps
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Time to save the environment and put those special offcuts to a joint purpose of awesome - beeswax wraps which will definitely turn out. Promise.
Foolproof beeswax wraps
craft | inspiration | projects

beeswax wraps are aweome!

You on the beeswax wrap bandwagon yet? You should be! Not only do they seal up your food better than cling film – who hasn’t cut their finger throwing a tanty at that damn box when the cling film isn’t cling enough – and it’s plastic. Single use, in the bin, such a waste.

If you’re a keen sewist, chances are you’ve got a pretty good fabric stash, and likely off cuts of nicely wash bit which can’t be made into a garment.

Here’s the project for you!


to make your wraps, you’ll need

  • offcuts of cotton fabric. Sizes are limited only by your imagination. Small for cheeses and nuts, bigger for going over bowls, hooooge for a loaf of bread. I used Cloud 9 Organic voile for these – lighter fabric is better. Don’t even think about linen or drill. Quilting cotton is as heavy as you should think about going.
  • pinking scissors or a rotary blade. Go the rotary blade if you have a cutter and a mat: it’s cheaper, easier, and so much quicker. If you are getting pinking shears for just this, do invest in good ones. Shit pinking shears will strip all reason for living.
  • an old baking tray. I recommend getting a big baking tray which you won’t use for cooking. I’ll explain why in a minute.
  • A silicone pastry brush.
  • one block of the secret ingredient…..



The secret ingredient

Dun dun duuuuuun.

If you’ve been toying with making wraps and read that tree resin and oil are essential to mix in with your wax, it’s totally true. The wraps are less flaky, last longer, more flexible and pliable. Makes the world of difference.

You’ve probably also realised that getting all this stuff is expensive and if you’ve tried to mix it yourself, commiserations to you.

The lovely folk at Sustomi have a premixed ready to go block for sale on their sit and various places around Ausrtalia.

Get some. Beeeee happy.

How to make beeswax wraps

Now, find yourself a heat source. You could use the gas burner on the barbeque or a hotplate.

Your’re going to heat the baking tray A LITTLE BIT, just enough to melt the wax, then switch it off. No touching it while the heat is on.

Wipe that block around and get a good bit of wax all melted. Plop your fabric on the melted wax, and let it soak through. Use the pastry brush to get in soaked in and moved around. Reheat the tray as needed, making sure you don’t touch it while heating. You don’t need a lot of heat, and you don’t need to burn yourself.

Once the fabric is totally soaked with wax, pick it up by the corners and give it a wiggle. lay flat the dry.


I prefer this method over the waxed paper/ironing board method – I get that wax everywhere and then on my clothes. And it’s so hard to wash out. Good for longevity of wraps, not so much for favourite shirts.

You also don’t need to grate your wax block which saves some serious muscle and sweating. And lost knuckles.

Yeah, I’m accident prone!


and a secret beauty treatment

Fair warning, your fingers gonna look like this. But, great for your nails!

This wax is sticky and hard to remove. Do be careful where you splash it. And that over tray will smoke like an over-revved cortina if you put it in the oven with any wax on it. Keep that tray for wraps only.

What do you think? How easy is that! Inspired to use some of your offcuts for another purpose, of give up that cling film for good with pretty awesome and enviro loving wraps?

Yeah you are.

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