Making beautiful things by hand is, for me, not just a way to relax, but to really connect with the finished item. Carefully choosing the materials, falling in love with colour and design, feeling the rhythm of creativity, and treasuring that wonderful piece for man years. Bliss!

And with the wonder of the interwebs, you can connect with so many other creative minds. Instagram + these accounts = never ending craft inspiration!

Here’s my list of the best sewing, knitting, craft and design instagram accounts to follow fill your feed with beauty.

Stephen West

He’s mad, he’s neon, and he’s one of the most creative knitting designers I’ve come across. I have knitted a number of his designs and will continue to find inspiration with him. I love that his designs use mostly simple stitches put together in a really interesting way. They are fantastic for a new knitter ready to acquire new skills.

knitting instagram accounts to follow

Design Seeds

Damn clever little bits of colour inspiration, drawn from the beauty around us. If you’re stuck for a colour idea, pop over to the website and use the colour picker to find a palette to match that colour which has you inspired.

design instagram accounts to follow

Made by Rae

Fabric and clothing designer Rae loves some bold and simple designs, and her website is gold for beginner sewists.

sewing instagram accounts to follow

Cloud 9 Fabrics

I recently found these wonderful fabrics in… SPOTLIGHT! Yes, organic, beautiful, and available in Australia. HOO BLOODY RAY. So there is a remote possibility that the fabrics you see in this wonderful feed can be yours with a local shopping trip!

sewinginstagram accounts to follow

Honestly WTF

Erica’s beautiful DIY and style blog has a great mix of jewellery, home and food ideas. She styles her photos SO beautifully.

craft instagram accounts to follow

The House that Lars Built

With a CV that includes designing for Tiffany & Co and Dempsey & Carroll, Brittany Jepsen is definitely one step above your typical arts and crafts gal. Yet another talented lady with a aesthetic that will have you jumping up and down saying “OOOH! I need to do that!”

craft instagram accounts to follow

Purl Bee

Knitting, sewing, tutorials, yarn porn… yep, it’s all here!

knitting instagram accounts to follow


Oh, all the things! All of them! If there is anything this DIY blogger has missed on her site, it would be a miracle.

design instagram accounts to follow

Willow Day

Swedish blogger Willow presents an enormous amount of DIYs for kids and adults alike. The projects use materials from natural bits and pieces that can be collected from outside, or from your recycle bin.

craft instagram accounts to follow

and last but not least…

Lisa Congdon

Lisa’s illustrations are just so damn cute! She’s really active in sharing how she styles her home, teaching how to use a sketchbook (an art form all in itself when you see hers!), and just enjoying doodling away. And she has a super cute puppy called Wilfredo who often makes an appearance.

craft instagram accounts to follow

Who are your favourite instagram accounts for design and hand made? Share below!

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