knitting buttonhole calculator

If you’re anything like us, you get to the end of a knitting project and your brain falls out. No possibility of any further thought in respect of this project. At all. BUT you have a button band to finish. With a number of buttons. And it’s a button band which was picked up and knit, so the pattern doesn’t tell you how many stitches for a buttonhole or how many stitches between buttonholes or how many stitches at the top of the buttonhole section or how many stitches at the bottom of the buttonhole section…. so you need a knitting buttonhole calculator!

Simply enter in the information requested into the calculator and you’ll have all your answers. If you get a fraction rather than a whole number, try adding another stitch to the bottom or top of the section.

How many stitches should your buttonhole be in the first place? Well, that depends upon the size of your button and the gauge at which you are knitting. Most often, buttonholes will be three stitches. Why? When you match the size of your button and gauge of the knit, three stitches is where you’ll end up.

Keeping in mind that buttonholes stretch with wear, you don’t want your buttonhole to be the same size as your button. But you don’t want it to be so small that it won’t fit through in the first place. Unless you are using enoooooormous buttons, aim for a buttonhole about 75% the size of your button.

knitting buttonhole calculator


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