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Easy dress sewing patterns for adults in classic shapes. Your new favourite thing to sew.


there is beauty in simplicity

Our classic sewing patterns and knitting patterns are designed simply to thrill you as you explore the world of yarn and textile.

Join us on our crafting adventure.


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Suki’s Dress

A classic A-line shift shape with no detailing and a de-emphasised waist, this dress will rival your favourite pair of jeans for versatility and comfort. Semi-loose fit, flattering on just about every body type.


we love to make

materials matter

We are always on the hunt for yarn and textiles which grow small and ethical businesses. We design with these brave endeavours in mind to support their craft and assist others to vote with their dollars for low impact, earth friendly textiles.

crafting communities

Your nanna’s stitch ‘n’ bitch served so many more functions than sharing fabric or patterns. We hope to craft a thriving online community to share new skills, celebrating success and loss of all kinds, and build a sisterhood of support.


You don’t know what your favourite thing is until you try it. We aim to make crafting accessible by curating collections of beautiful things to try: organic fabric, naturally dyed fibres, merino wool and wood.

lead by example

We aim to get the balance right between making and consuming wisely, and we are so inspired by our children asking what the possibilities of crafting might be. “Can we make it,  mummy?” opens up a world of possibilities!

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