hands up who loves wearing blankets?

I thought so! Blankets are awesome.


Penguono Stephen West is your answer.

A love story from a long way back.

You know how it goes.

I fell in love with a pin on pinterest ages ago, searching for what knitting pattern it could possibly be. It kept coming back to Penguono by Stephen West but it didn’t look like the images on Ravelry. Sigh. Keep looking.

Linked to another pin on re-examination.

AH HA! Because you can wear it upside down! And I loved the upside down version.

Mystery sorted, onto the needles with you!

I was quite nervous about doing something so crazy. MOHAIR. What mother of two young ones decides to make something with MOHAIR. Fool.

Well-dressed, warm, goes with everything foolishness.

Which, actually, the kids can’t stop stroking and haven’t yet got sticky.


See – right way up? Wrong way down?

I have been wearing my penguono so often. It’s just fantastic for the studio, particularly as the weather cools off.

I used two strands of 4 ply and a strand of mohair all over, on 6mm needles.

I absolutely loved the construction. So clever! No seams at all, just very clever slipped stitch edges with equally clever instructions to make them disappear into your work.

I did find the instructions a bit on the frustrating side as there were so many errata (which I think have been resolved with a new edition since I knitted this one) and no directions as to whether you’re doing moss or rib (tip: always moss) so you can troubleshoot any errors.

I’d happily and eagerly recommend this pattern for the advanced beginner, especially those wanting to design their own garments (my brain is full of ideas now!) or to get into modular knitting.


Although it’s noted to be a scrap project, I think you really need to have one thing as a background. At least the versions I was drawn to had one base colour. I used two skeins of Zephyr and Film Noir, the rest just one skein with a whole cone of vintage black and silver sparkle mohair (used with aran weight black for stripes and welts), scraps of Ink, and I think a half skein of a Circustonic yarn.

Super fun, immensely wearable, and really inspiring for me as a designer.


Loved every second.


penguono stephen west

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