If you’ve been to the supermarket with a child in the past few weeks (well, since Christmas really!) there’s been coloured tin foil to grab their attention.  Yes, folks.  Easter is coming. Here in the southern hemisphere, it isn’t so much a celebration of spring and new growth. More new pyjamas, getting your slippers our of storage, and warming your hands by the fire after the Egg Hunt on Sunday morning.

Wherever you are, whatever your stripes, pompoms are certainly a suitable way to celebrate family and doing things together. And with bunny ears to boot!

You will need:

loome australia pompom craft easter bonsai scissors flat lay

  • a loome or other pompom making tool.
  • yarn of your choice.  We recommend at least DK weight, or you could be winding for a long time.
  • perl cotton.
  • a little bit of felt for the ears.
  • fabric scissors.
  • lighter scissors for pompom trimming.  We love our bonsai scissors!
  • needle.


Grab you yarn and wind, wind, wind, wind! Get a kiddie to help. Essie loved being in control of the yarn and learning how holding it tight made it harder, and how to make the tension in her hands just right to control the yarn from the ball.

More yarn = a floofier pompom, so don’t be afraid of loads of yarn! We used 100% wool.

Use your perl cotton to tie a very tight surgeon’s knot around all of the middle of your yarn. The perl cotton is thinner and stronger than the yarn so you can really yank it tight and it really disappears in the pile of the finished pompom. Essie thinks this bit looks like a butterfly! Pull your butterfly from the loome.

robot loome pompom craft bonsai scissors yarn flat lay white sewing yarn

The most important part: trimming.  A felt circle is a really helpful guide to getting is right. Make the diametre slightly smaller than your loome. This shot glass is perfect. Make a circle from your felt.

Place your guide right over the middle of your butterfly, and trim the whole way around.

how to trim a pompom bonsai vintage scissors

Then, turn 90 degrees, and trim in the other direction.

how to trim a pompom loome

Most of your bits will roughly be the same length. Keep on trimming until you have a nice little ball. Then give it a roll around in your hands to fluff.

You’ll want your ears to be the same height as your pompom, in roughly the same shape as below.

easter craft pompom rabbit loome felt sewing craft

Fold your ears in half, and push the needle right through, so you have just one stitch in the front. Do the same for the second ear.

bunny rabbit pompom loome easter craft kids

Take your needle and push it through the centre of your pompom, so that a nice long piece of thread pops out the opposite side to the ears. Thread the other end of the thread through the needle, and push the needle again through the centre of the pompom. Work the ears down through the pile to the middle of the pompom and pull the threads tight to make the ears stand up. Tie off the thread in a surgeon’s knot, and trim the excess.

Refluff and cuddle your bunny, then make another!

easter bunny pompom craft loome australia felt fun kids children

easter crafts for kids children pompom bunny rabbit

Essie called hers Rosie and mine Hoppity. I’m sure we’ll make some more over the easter holidays.

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