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Loome – XL Slingshot


Loome is stunningly simple and incredibly versatile. It can make pom poms, tassels, cords and even small weavings. The perfect craft tool for adults and kids alike. Made from white oak in the USA and hand finished.We’ll include some worsted and DK weight Australian made yarns in neutral colours to get you started.

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Loome Slingshot XL is about 50% larger than the others and comes with a carved in ruler to help you track the length of what you’ve made. This is perfect for people who prefer a larger format for the tool as well as pom poms and tassels. The rest is the same.

You all know just how addicted we are to textiles and yarn (you, too?). And we have all these little bits of wonderfulness at the end of a project that need to be used, because they most definitely can’t go in the bin because they are just way too nice for that! (you, too?)

And everything looks better with a pompom or tassel. Always.


Slits for a warp to make mini weavings, a big fork for pompoms, wrap points to make tassels, a hole to keep finger knitting and braiding sorted, not to mention being able to hold friendship bracelets still as you weave them.

And it’s flat, made of beautiful wood, and hand finished. :heavy_check_mark:All. :heavy_check_mark:Boxes. :heavy_check_mark:Ticked.

Perfect tool for small people learning the love of craftyness.

Little bits of delicious leftovers, you’ll be meeting your pompom heaven soon enough.

We’ll include some worsted and DK weight Australian made yarns in neutral colours to get you started.

Stunningly simple and incredibly versatile. The perfect must-have fibre craft and DIY tool for all adults and kids (7+). To learn how to use the Loome, go to http://www.theloome.com/videos.

Size: 7.35″ H x 3.20″ W

Material: White Oak

Origin: Made in the USA and Hand Finished

Inspirations: Instagram & Pinterest @TheLoome

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