• free knit fabric headband sewing pattern
  • free knit fabric headband sewing pattern
  • free knit fabric headband sewing pattern

Simple Knit Fabric Headband


Sometimes the simplest projects are the most rewarding!

This simple knit fabric headband pattern will see you create a comfortable and versatile piece to suit adults and children alike, by simply knotting tighter or looser. Great for keeping hair out of your face whilst you craft or play, but so soft that it won’t dig in at all.

This headband makes a great gift as it fits everyone, and is a wonderful way to use up those lengths of knit fabric which you love but are too short for another project.

One size fits all.

One piece of fabric required: 11cm high (with grain) and 72cm wide.

  • sewing with jersey/knit fabrics

All of skills listed here have a tutorial on our page.


  • sewing machine with walking foot OR overlocker
  • ballpoint needle
  • fabric as described.
  • co-ordinating thread
  • scissors

illustrated booklet containing instructions and multi-page pattern set on A4 pages for printing at home

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